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Our Staff

Steve Wattenberg


For over 15 years Stephan Wattenberg has been a part time mediator having completed the Pepperdine and Rosenberg training programs. He served as a superior court appointed mediator, a special master and since 2005 has had contracts to mediate small claims, unlawful detainer and civil harassment cases in Butte County. In the process he has mediated more than 700 cases with an over 90% success rate. For the past ten years he has been a Temporary Appointed Judge hearing small claims cases in Butte County. As anyone who has been around the courthouse knows, if you can settle contentious civil harassment and small claims cases, you can settle anything. With this diverse background and perspective, Mr. Wattenberg can bring a unique and effective approach to settling your case.

Claire Greene


Claire F. Greene, a Chico native attended California State University, Chico, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2008 with degrees in Legal Studies and Music.

She Studied law at Golden Gate University, earning her Juris Doctorate in 2021 with internships in Appellate and Employment Law.  Since returning to Chico, Ms. Greene has worked in areas of Criminal Defense, and Family Law.  While at the office of Stephan R. Wattenberg she has specialized in Employment Wage and Hour, Fair Employment and Consumer Representation. Ms Greene is now a mediator with the Butte County Dispute Resolution Program contracting with the Court to settle cases involving unrepresented parties.

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