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Introducing our law firm

Private mediation services, conflict resolution,  pre-litigation dispute resolution, representation in Employment and Consumer claims in
Chico and the North State 

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Introducing Our

Law Firm

At the Law Office of Stephan R. Wattenberg we exclusively represent employees in workplace disputes and represent consumers in selected consumer fraud, contract and construction disputes.  In addition to civil litigation the law office also provides mediation services, both as a trained third party and representation at mediation.

Our Practice Areas


Employment & Labor Law

As an employee in California your are entitled by law, to a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation based upon your race, religion, national origin, medical condition or disabilities and gender.  The attorneys at the law office are experienced in protecting your rights...


Wage & Hour

You have the legal right to be paid the full amount that you are owed in a timely manner.  The law also requires
that you are paid at the legal rate for all hours worked including travel time, show up time and that you receive meal and rest periods.  Not only are our attorneys exceptionally well trained in enforcing your rights...


Prevailing Wage

If you are employed on a project, paid for all or in part with public funds you may be entitled to be paid the prevailing wage.  California’s prevailing wage law provides for wages and benefits that are mot often more generous than those available on private projects.  If you worked on a public works project and were not paid the prevailing wage your probably substantially underpaid...


Consumer Compliants

Besides representing workers who have been abused or cheated, we also represent consumers who have been victims of fraud or sold shoddy merchandise.  This includes Lemon Law, consumer fraud and contract disputes.

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